Improve Your Brand Recognition with Custom T-Shirts
13 December, 2017

Brand recognition is the first step in name building. It ensures that prospective clients can recognize your brand and what it means. Brand awareness is vital to your business and affects your sales in the following ways.

Improves cognitive buying

Most people settle on where ...

Perfect Uses for Custom T-shirt & Hoodies
1 November, 2017

We live in an age where using the internet you can create pretty much anything you want quickly and for an affordable price. Before when ordering custom printed apparel many establishments required a bulk order. Bulk orders rarely make sense for the typical shopper who ...

How a Custom T-shirts Makes For a Great Costume
18 October, 2017

Creative Minds Don’t Think Alike

Halloween is around the corner and you have to admit, it is one of the more fun holidays of the year. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without the perfect costume, that’s why this holiday is particularly a fan ...

The Low-Tech Way to Promote Your High-Tech Startup
11 October, 2017

As a member of the technology community and a leader in a promising startup, you've probably seen a branded T-shirt or two in your travels.

Whether at trade show booths, roaming around South by Southwest, or on the backs of the veteran developers in ...

T-Shirts to the Rescue: How Branded Tees Helps This Charity Spread the Love
2 October, 2017

With your annual fundraising event just around the corner, you need maximum exposure to ensure a large turnout, and turn crowds into donors. There's no shortage of advertising and marketing options out there, from TV and radio commercials to social media and eBlasts. But ...

Graphic Tees: The Go to Choice of Fashion Trendsetters
26 September, 2017

Everyone loves a customized tee shirt. Whether it’s a clever pun, music inspired or politically charged people can’t get enough of them. Industry research reports that Online Original Designed T-shirt sales will reach 367 million within the next five years. It’s safe ...

1, 2, Tee - Steps to Making a Custom T-Shirt at Toronto Tee’s
16 September, 2017

Tired of being one of 4 people on the subway with the same H&M shirt? Custom t-shirts can send a message, display your sense of humor, or simply let strangers get a glimpse into who you are without speaking a word. Everything from advertising ...